Imadeya银座 Imadeya银座


介绍与日本充满热情的生产者共同开发的独一无二、只限GINZA SIX销售的酒。在给人温暖与“日本.和”印象的店内,呈现高超酿酒技术的职人世界。除了日本之外,也向全世界发扬“制造”的美好。

Each bottle tells a story. We visit producers all over Japan and around the world to experience techniques, people, and climates firsthand, creating joint markets and conveying the branding ideas and back stories of various liquor producers. With a planned assortment of 600 varieties of local sake, genuine shochu, and Japanese wine shipped direct from breweries, distilleries, and vineyards, we serve as Ginza’s liquor beacon.

We introduce unique varieties of liquor developed jointly with passionate Japanese artisans and available only at GINZA SIX. The location’s mood—warm and peaceful in a characteristically Japanese way—expresses a world of craftsmanship based on sophisticated brewing techniques. IMADEYA GINZA communicates the wonder of monozukuri (the art of manufacturing) to Japan and to the world.