Viennoiserie JEAN FRANCOIS
Viennoiserie JEAN FRANCOIS

M.继承M.O.F.(法国最佳工艺师)主厨Jean François Lemercier的技术与精神,店内销售统称“维也纳面包”的30种使用鸡蛋、奶油、牛奶、砂糖的点心面包。在日本重现的精致“维也纳甜面包”包括口感酥脆的可颂面包、香喷喷的丹麦面包、绵密的鲜奶油、松软的布里欧面包等,让您品尝到“法国的香气”。

Inheriting the techniques and spirit of the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) award-winning chef Jean-François Lemercier, this bakery produces some thirty varieties of viennoiserie pastry from a combination of eggs, butter, milk, and sugar. Here’s a chance to fully enjoy specialty viennoiserie pastry of France recreated in Japan, from the crunchy texture of croissants to the generous aroma of a Danish, rich cream, and fluffy brioche.