Taiwanese sweets brand SunnyHills, which has a store in the brand Minami Aoyama, will open in GINZA SIX for a limited time.



Pineapple Cake, the signature product of SunnyHills and Apple Cake made with freshly harvested Kogyoku apple from Aomori prefecture will be available for sale.
Pineapple Cake is chock filled with fillings made of Taiwan’s fibrous, sweet and tart earth-pineapple, and Apple Cake is made using the original process that enables us to lock in the tartness and texture of the Kogyoku apples. Both cakes are simple cakes made without adding any extra preservatives or flavorings, carefully crafted to bring out the true characteristics of the ingredients themselves.

Due to the similarities between the Taiwanese words “wanglai” (meaning “bring happiness”)
and “onlai” (meaning “pineapple”), pineapple cake has been a popular choice for gifts to give to the loved ones in Taiwan.
Moreover, the Apple Cake is made with “Hatsumono” (meaning “first of the season”, considered good luck to eat in Japan) apple.
SunnyHills cakes are the perfect gift to give to someone special this time of the year.

At GINZA SIX, we offer in-store decoration and wrapping services.

From November 1st to December 25th, There will be Yuzu Apple Cake, a limited time special pairing of apple cake with Valrhona’s Yuzu couverture. Please enjoy SunnyHills’ new winter delight.


楼层 B2F

Period: 2020.10.31- 2021.01.03


2020.10.23 UP