l'héritage martinique
l'héritage martinique

使用优质原材料精心制作的服饰不会因时代而褪色,会带给人打扮的喜悦,以“Next Vintage”为关键词,为顾客提供跨越年龄层进行传承、创造普遍美的搭配方案。针对重视个人风格的顾客,在店内展示值得成为新一代经典的商品。

The wardrobe, tailored carefully with finest materials, brings back the pleasure of dressing up with timeless pieces that never fade.We propose the concept of universal beauty, passed over generations with "Next Vintage" as the keyword.

A store for those who cherish their personal style, we propose timeless pieces that could become the Vintage of Tomorrow.