clé de peau BEAUTÉ
clé de peau BEAUTÉ

clé de peau BEAUTÉ是融合最先进的肌肤科学、日本美学、法国时尚优雅而诞生的护肤彩妆品牌。让每一个人的肌肤、表情、甚至存在本身绽放光芒。

在呈现商品与世界观的新空间,迎接顾客的是与建筑师田根刚合作的光之艺术品“Brilliant Cell”。我们会以顶级的待客服务,为您带来顶级的光芒。

clé de peau BEAUTÉ is a perfect harmony of cutting-edge skin science, the Japanese sense of beauty, and modern French elegance. Our products bring radiance to the skin and spirit of every woman.

Our Brilliant Cell, a work of illuminating artistry in collaboration with renowned architect Tsuyoshi Tane, is the gate to the indulgent experience of luxury. A new realm of radiance begins here.