顶级蜂蜜系列“Parfum du Miel”作为开业纪念商品发售。金黄色的蜂蜜融合了花香、辛香料、水果等甜美的香气。在食材中加入一匙,就会让味道提升到更高层次的奢华,让您在蜂蜜的甜味与华丽的香气中享受至高的幸福。

Like a busy bee, L’abeille travels to flower gardens around the world in search of delicious honey. Encountering the different aesthetics of beekeepers under blue skies and warm sunlight, we gather more than 80 varieties of honey from ten different countries around the world. Each individual honey retains its flavor from the time of the harvest and has many stories to tell.

As a product to celebrate our opening, we have released Parfum du Miel, a high-quality honey series that blends a sparking gold honey with flowers, spices, and the sweet fragrance of fruits. Adding a spoon of this honey to your dishes can elevate your cooking to the next level. We’re proud and delighted to offer you a chance to savor the sweetness and aromas of our honey.